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We’re your location for products such as: survival equipment, survival kits, gear, water purification, dvds, books, how-to books, on a wide variety of topics including gardening, camping, travel, sustainable living information, etc... Shop online and we’ll ship it to you right away.

We're from the same family that continues to bring you Backwoodsman Magazine, founded in 1979, a bi-monthly publication dedicated to the preservation of Old Frontier living, primitive living skills, tool and weapons lore, and wilderness survival. Each issue is packed with information, projects and adventures associated with this unique period of North American history. You can subscribe to the Backwoodsman here. It is also located in many newsstands, and stores found throughout the world.

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Sept/Oct 2016

BackWoodsman Magazine

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Yukon River Run


This past year, Associate Publisher and Special Assignments Editor, Charlie Richie Jr. had the fortunate opportunity to be involved with developing a show with Gurney Productions for The National Geographic Channel called Yukon River Run. The show was based around Alaska resident and past Backwoodsman contributor, Neil Eklund.

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